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Preparing your Maryland Home – Part 4

Preparing your Maryland Home

Can’t speak for anyone else but myself; BUT me and the trusty ole’ chalk gun are not on speaking terms. The stuff (rather messy stuff at that!) comes out in gobs, a tiny spring or not at all! We all are convinced that there really is no technique in applying chalk. Ever seen a pro, especially painters and window installers apply chalk? Really looks easy doesn’t it! BUT look again their clothes and trousers or shorts are covered in chalk. If you know you are not skilled in graduate-level chalk application maybe, just maybe you should not be applying chalk in the first place. Ever been to a big box store or a paint store? Hummmm, are their many choices? Watch people as they pick up tubes of chalk to try to select the correct kind. Then in walks a painter, they always look like paint was purposefully put on them! They, the painters walk right up and get the chalk right away, and then they embarrass everyone in sight: they buy the stuff by the case full. We all know the painters pay a different price for the goo but that is okay, as the painters tend to purchase large quantities of everything.

What are we talking about? Look at the windows of your home: if the chalk is not visible a couple of reasons come to mind maybe chalk was never used or it is so skillfully applied you can’t see chalk. Good time to look at the chalk is when you have the fall check-up of the screens. If there is no chalk you need to have it done or accept the task yourself.

Doors: check the weather strip of all entry doors, fix that problem.

Foundation cracks: a couple of years ago we had a minor rumble bumble or as we hear folks in the field say: a small earthquake, around 3.8 on the Richter scale. (Who is this guy Richter anyway?). The scale gives a geometric measure of the severity of the quake (fancy!) Bottom issue: a lot of poured foundations suffered cracks, and have since leaked. If water gets so do ants! Fix the cracks!

Check every place you see a hole or crack, Small cracks chalk may work, large holes (entry point of pipes or power or cable) you may need to stuff the hole with steel wool.

Fireplace: have the early safety inspection done. DO NOT pile wood next to the house. Firewood piles are an incredibly great place for a large variety of bugs to take up residence, also sometimes snakes.

If golf, transporting the kids to sporting events, fishing or other diversions are there; Might I suggest you contact a professional company. You may try one of the best: B.O.G. Pest Control, in Harwood…call 410-376-5312. They will send a tech, do the inspection, make recommendations and a lot of the time can complete the corrections you need. Most of the corrections will help insulate your home a little bit better than before.