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Spiders – Flash Mob Alert in Maryland?


Flash mob alert!!!

Spiders sponsor a grand party event.

Date: every day until further notice or forever - whichever comes first

Where: your home, dark corners, garage doors, basement entry, corners everywhere

Ticket price: priceless

Time of party: everyday, but dark is preferred

Food to be served: flies, mosquitoes, and ants (really!), flying bugs

Maitre de : the Black Widow (not really, she rarely goes out but everyone is frightened of her so why not!)

Not invited: most of us, especially homeowners

Payment method: Square (spiders are up to date), Discover, Master, Visa, Amex, Cash ( we have change!)

Downloadable apps: available upon request.

Should you bring food?: of course, what is a party without crumbs and mess

Appointments: not required, but preferred

Address of party: Homeowner

1234 Main Street

YourTown, USA

Coordinator, sponsor of event:
B.O.G. Pest Control