Advanced Termite Protection

No matter where your home is located in Maryland or Northern Virginia, you could be at risk for termites. Termites can be hard to detect, and often homeowners don’t realize they are there until it's too late. Here at B.O.G. Pest Control, we offer effective termite control that consists of Advance termite baiting systems and Termidor HE liquid applications. Additionally, we offer termite inspections by certified professionals so you can identify any risks early. We look for potential entry points, such as gaps or cracks, around your home’s foundation, joints, plumbing, and electrical service.

Any place your home comes in contact with the soil is thoroughly examined and the structure of your home is inspected for signs of termites. At the end of the inspection, we provide you with a detailed report containing our recommended termite treatment and prevention.

Full Protection Starting at $20/month

When you partner with us for termite control, you can rest assured that you're teaming up with the best in the business. For just $20 a month after an average initial fee of $699, you can rest easy knowing your home is termite-free. Let us protect your home and save you time and money.

Effective Termite Treatments to Protect Your Home and Family

Our Advanced Termite Protection package was designed to prevent and constantly protect your home. Using the benefits of both Advance termite baiting systems and Termidor HE liquid applications your home will be protected by one of the best termite protection programs on the market today.

This service for your home includes:

  • Up to 250 linear feet of protection
  • Visual inspection of readily accessible inside areas such as first floor, basement/crawl space
  • Installation of stations in accessible areas around the home exterior
  • Annual exterior inspection with bait replacement as needed
  • Additional interior inspections will be provided as needed
  • If termites are discovered or are not discovered but the area may be conducive to termite activity, a targeted, liquid treatment will be performed for up to 20 linear feet.
  • Visual diagram showing all treated areas
  • Transferable coverage to a new homeowner

Worried about Pests & Termites? 

Termites aren’t the only pest that can invade your home. If you’re worried about cockroaches, spiders, and other pests, check out our Pest Protection Plus plan. For just $62 a month plus initial fees, you can protect your home from termites AND pests.

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