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Choosing the Best Pest Control Service in Maryland

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Well it is spring, again!  Same ole, same ole: insects, destructive as well as beneficial. You can always tell that is spring: a certain termite control franchise amp’s up the rhetoric on the destructive character of one of the most beneficial insects we have: termites!  Yes, termites can literally eat you out of house and home. The old stand by “the whole nine yards” while referring to a totally different topic does fit the issue of the lowly termite.

Somewhere there must be some very tired termite counters. Ever wonder how researchers are able to count the number of insects in a swarm or nest? Well I have: guess what? I haven’t a clue!? Does it really matter: the numbers given are alarming as millions of anything is a very high number.  I know of professionals in the pest control field who have never, EVER, EVER seen a termite queen.

A national company has a horrific number on the dollar amount of termite damage. What a scare tactic! While termites are not to be trifled with, let’s not get carried away.

A prudent homeowner or landlord needs to do certain things on a regular basis. If your roof leaks fix the leak (professionals only should do this), if you have a toilet leak; well you know. To repeat the many, many observations we hear every year: termites like to eat wood, termites require a wet environment, and termites are organized (now how did the insect researcher find this out?). Every spring it seems there are swarms of termites; now what is that about? Ever seen pictures of the termite mounds in other parts of the world? We are told that the tower acts a cooling element in the abode of the termites living inside!

In the next several termites we will explore, facts and myths of the termite. Does anyone know where “the whole nine yards” comes from? Operant word is “know”, looking it up on Google or in the printed matter doesn’t count. Well anyway: the “whole nine yards” is going to strike!

Oh yes, those guys in Harwood, Maryland know as much as any of the experienced termite pros plus the B.O.G. Pest Control pros work for a family business.  Proactive or reactive it is your choice. Oh yes, the largest companies in the whole Pest Control world are franchises. Money can buy you one!

Is your biggest investment vulnerable to attack from pests?

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