Maryland Homeowners – Winter Prep Part 2

Posted on October 2, 2014 by BOG Pest Control 

Well here we go: already covered the fireplace (the danger of fire and CO poisoning), screens and holes in the screens and mulch piles.

Moving forward I’m Just sayin’….  “Protect your pad” (interesting right…Blades of Green Pest Control has this simple statement as a trademark!)

Well anyway what else?

Leaves: maybe you are fortunate and have no leaves or not too much of an issue. In my yard the leaves are a big deal….

We have to collect them two times…too old for that…God made landscaping companies for that task! Why bother? Leaves collect in the woods and everything is balanced. Well your house is not completely in the woods.  Just what do we find in the fallen leaves?  A fun time to jump into the leaves, kids love it!  Be sure to give the kids a fairly thorough check over: look for ticks! The ticks are out there looking for food…we all knows what the food for the females is…don’t we!

Piles of leaves in the shrubs and around the house make a perfect habitat for voles and mice. Small cute mice are anything but cute in the house: the reproductive time is amazingly short. How do the mice get in: if the head  of a mouse fits into a space: that mouse is in! Now what do you look for: check all of the door sweeps and really take a good look at the garage doors. If the rubber on the sweep is hard and brittle then it is time to replace them. We found that out this summer: our Sallies got in under the gasket and into the garage! The salamanders leave cute little pieces of waste product: EVERYWHERE!!  So far we have removed over 40 of the creatures! If they get into the house and my wife….whew, you do not want to hear it!

We tried to purchase the sweeps for the garage doors: hopeless! We called the garage door guy and now two things are true: no more water can get in and no smallish four legged things can come under the door.

Next: you must check all of the entry points for power lines, cable for the electronics, and power for the well and septic (these are supposed to be easy to get too, not always true however!) The material for the power line and cable lines is very easy to fix, even I was able to do so. The material comes in smallish blocks, easy to cut and mold into place. Helps if you take the old out!

Opps…too long… on to the next part…. Winter preparedness…..Just Sayin’

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