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Maryland Ladybugs – Harmless

ladybug on a leaf

The ladybug, a bug that is about as harmless as it sounds. With their famous red bodies and black spots, ladybugs would probably win most popular in their high school superlatives. Everyone knows them, most people like them, but what do we truly know about ladybugs? Are they the misunderstood angsty teen of the school, or are they the obviously pretty, super bubbly type? Here's everything you need to know about your Maryland ladybug population:

Ladybugs are actually not a bug at all. Can you believe it? The ladybug is actually a specie of beetle, belonging to the order "Coleoptera." The name started with the Europeans, referring to the critter as "ladybirds," or "ladybird beetles," dating back at least 500 years. Did you know, those pretty red and black colors that attract young children to shove their finger in a ladybug's face, are actually meant to warn predators to stay away? Like their fellow insects, the ladybug uses something called "aposematic coloration" to "strut their dangerous stuff." Asposematic coloration is just fancy mumbo-jumbo for a tool to warn predators that they are bad to the bone. Humans may beg to differ, as we love to stick out our hands and hope one of the little guys will crawl up our for a really trendy photo for our social media. The ladybug warns it predators because it actually contains a mild toxic component, only dangerous if ingested.

The most dangerous thing about the ladybug is...well...nothing. They might become more of an annoyance quicker than they will a harm. Ladybug adults like to go off to "adult ladybug camp" in the Fall and Winter, conveniently located in any warm area of your home. The ladybug hibernates in the Fall and Winter, and they do so in large groups. Although they might be having a massive party in your doormframe, never fear, they have a strict quiet time...well...always. "To be seen and not heard" is the motto of the ladybug. You might see them in said doorframe, but they will not bother you. If the Maryland weather gets too cold, and the party becomes too crazy for you to handle, make sure to call the guys at BOG Pest Control and Lawn Care for advice from the pros. They are the ultimate pest bouncers, and have all of the tips and tricks for those party animals, or should I say beetles?