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Maryland Rat Infestations: The Norway Rat

Rodent Control Maryland

Norway rats were and still are the carriers of the flea that has the capability of carrying the horrific disease known as the Black Death or Bubonic Plague. In 1347 in Italy we find the introduction to the Europeans of the time the disease that became known as the Black Death.

Pest control companies are in business to control and stop the spread of disease. Bubonic plague (aka: the Black Death) is carried by Rats most especially the fleas found on rats. It is not the rat that causes the disease: it is the fleas on the rat! In the 1300’s there were no antibiotics to treat disease. Rats traveled by way of the caravan routes from the Far East and arrived in the trade capital of Europe, Florence, Italy. The rat in question is generally from 12”-18” in body length with a tail from 5”-8”. Thus a large Norway rat could be 26” in total length. Rats will eat anything but seem to concentrate on garbage. If you even think you may have a rat infestation: call a professional immediately. B.O.G. Pest Control has personnel trained to deal with the problems that rats can present. Do not try to deal with rats yourself, never, never touch a dead rat. Rats can be infested with fleas.

Now back to just how this horrific disease, the Black Death or Bubonic plague resulted in the death of over 20,000,000 Europeans from 1347-1350. At the time this mortality rate was nearly 50% of the population. No one knew then or until hundreds of years later where the plague came from, how it spread or how to combat it.

What do the words: “ring around the rosy” mean? The ring that was around the pesticule on the skin, usually found in the area of the lymph nodes or the groin areas is the “ring around the rosy”. Since no one was sure what the disease was it was common practice to put flowers (“pocket full of posies”) and seeds in one’s pockets in hopes of warding off the disease. No one thought of fleas and rats as the carriers of the disease. “Ashes, ashes we all fall down” referred to the practice of burning the bodies. Since nearly 50% of the people perished it was a way to deal with the results. There were so many deaths that the Priests from the Catholic Church were instructed to consecrate entire fields, moats and drainage areas along roads as burial sites. Entire villages were burned down, often with people who had the plague inside.

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