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Mosquitoes and ticks Part Two

Asian tiger mosquito

Some places are overrun with mosquitoes. Try those communities that are very close to the Chesapeake Bay. Mosquitoes must have water to lay their eggs on. The water must be quiet and not running or disturbed in any way. Do you have any areas or places on your property that fit? Try the saucers under potted plants. Try an un-even gutter, try a simple puddle or even a tire swung or a tire just lying on its side. All of these places are places that a mosquito may deposit eggs. Remember that the cycle of life from depositing eggs to adult mosquitoes is shortened in the hot months. Basic unavoidable fact: mosquitoes must have blood to produce eggs. Male mosquitoes, while bothersome pose no threat to humans. At our last home we had a swimming pool. Every evening we had a real spectacle. At dusk, there was a large swarm of mosquitoes swarming over the surface of the water. These mosquitoes, it turns out, were male mosquitoes. Male mosquitoes cannot sting: they have one purpose; to fertilize the female mosquito. The swarm was nothing more than a trap for the female mosquitoes. Little did I know! Human or dog or cat blood is the other necessary ingredient for the production of eggs from the female mosquito. Each time you are bitten/stung it is from a female mosquito. When you feel the bite it is too late, the blood has been removed from you. The female now goes and finds a suitable, wet spot to deposit the eggs, usually in the mid 20’s in number. The female then goes on to repeat the process. In the heat of July, the time frame from egg deposited to adult mosquito can be two weeks. Scary! Search the property and eliminate much of the problem as you can.

Call professionals to your home and eliminate the issue. Especially if you cannot get around easily.
Professionals, such as B.O.G. Pest Control can help you. Give them a call.
Next piece, we will learn a bit more about the Asian or Tiger mosquito. These guys are truly evil!

Everyone knows that the Asian mosquitoes hitched a ride in automobile tires shipped from Japan.