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Spiders and Kids

Spiders and Kids


Wow, are the spiders quite a draw for little children! Put a battery in a spider and watch the kids come to watch what the spider will do. Suppose it must have something to do with the movement, BUT most importantly spiders tend to be colorful. Nature is colorful and interesting to learn about. Take a young child to a woodpile in the yard, move some of the wood make hunting for spider’s fun; Very few will attack you, with the Black Widow being a notable exception. Everyone needs to be aware that seldom will you find a black widow spider in your home. Black widows like to be close to the ground and sometimes can be found in a pile of broken branches and leaves. Remember: when looking for spiders: NEVER ALLOW CHILDREN to look for spiders unless they are wearing gloves, long sleeves, and long pants.

As the AIC, adult in charge, you have a dual purpose when looking for spiders. As a rule of thumb: the more spider webs you find, the more insects you have on the property or in the house. The most likely places you find spiders is in the basement, near doors you seldom use, the corners of the garage doors, in and around the shrubs and in leaves and wood piles. If you seem to have spiders everywhere: call a professional; something is wrong. The pros at B.O.G. Pest Control are very proficient at finding the cause of the webs. Webs very simply mean you have bugs. Do nothing and you will have more and more insects. Spiders are an excellent collection mechanism for insects. Just Sayin’ in every case: do nothing and the problem just gets worse.

The AM temperature this week has been in the forties; fall just started….what is going on? And what can you expect?

See you soon. Just sayin’!!