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What can a Maryland Pest Control Company do to Reduce Pests?

House at dusk

More thoughts on the IPM approach to pest management….Some things are quite simple and very obvious…

• Use baits over conventional sprays
• If pests are present in large numbers, use your vacuum
• Use sticky traps, for example: sticky traps close to entrance doors can be effective for flies
• Use boric acid, harmless to people
• Mechanical traps
• Caulk openings, use steel wool and caulk if necessary
• Exterior lights: change the color(50-watt sodium vapor), put your lights on timers
• Use pheromone traps
• Light traps, ultraviolet will work
• Use sticky boards as a monitoring device to help determine the extent of the problem
• Use a flashlight when inspecting, especially in closets, cabinets
• Eliminate access to the inside of the home to keep pests outside

The list is not meant to be comprehensive. As an old timer, it is probably best to call in a certified, licensed professional. A professional will try everything possible prior to using chemicals. IPM certified companies are out there. Contact or call 410.867.1002. A professional company wants your home safe and secure.

Other suggestions, simple but helpful:

• Keep firewood away from the house and off of the ground
• Remove wood scraps, mulch from touching the house
• Clean up leaves and debris from the exterior of the house
• Clean up spills, be sure to wipe clean
• Remove food, do not leave food on counters overnight
• Empty pet food and water bowls daily
• Vacuum carpet and furniture on a very regular basis
• Take your pet(s) to the vet on a consistent basis
• Do not allow your pets to roam in the woods. If the pet has been in wooded areas inspect the pet for ticks. Pets will bring ticks into the home and expose everyone
• Repair screens and/or install screens.
• Try to keep the quantity of boxes at a minimum
• Inspect all boxes prior to leaving the boxes in the house
• Chimney caps are a must
• Store grains, flour and sugars in plastic containers. If the containers are gnawed: call a professional immediately!

If you need help, call a professional, like BOG Pest Control. Blades of
Green is IPM certified and has highly trained professionals on duty to help you.