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Flies in Maryland & Other Summer Pests

Summer is the best season to enjoy the great outdoors, but it's also the time when you and your family are at the greatest risk of bites, stings, and the vector-borne disease that common summer pests can carry. Flies, mosquitoes, and ticks are three of the top summer pests to look out for.Read more

What's tunneling through my lawn? The difference between moles and voles!

Moles and voles can ruin a homeowner’s peace of mind. They take over a lawn, dig tunnels, and destroy all the hard work you’ve invested in making your lawn look healthy and vibrant. Even though these two pests are commonly associated with one another, they are actually very different critters. Knowing the differences between these two animals will not only let you know which has invaded your lawn, but how they’ll affect your property, and how to stop them.Read more

House & Horse Flies in Maryland

There are two species of flies that we commonly see in Maryland: the common house fly and the stable fly, also known as the horse fly. Both types of flies carry numerous pathogens than can be extremely harmful to humans and pets.Read more

Are Poisonous Spiders in Maryland?

My next door neighbor stopped me and asked if we were having an issue with spiders. Before I could reply he said they are over run with a variety of types. He and his wife were concerned if any of the spiders were poisonous.Read more