Keep Deer Out of Your Yard

Tired of fighting deer and the damage they can cause to your expensive landscaping? B.O.G. Pest Control offers an all-natural solutions in Maryland & Virginia that will protect your landscape all year long.

Maryland & Virginia Deer Control

How Does our Deer Control Program Work?

A certified technician will start with a complete inspection of your yard, locating areas where deer have begun to destroy your landscape. In addition, your technician will also note any other potential areas that could succumb to deer damage.

On a monthly basis, one of our certified technicians will treat your plants with a deer repellent that is sure to help protect your trees/shrubs, perennials and annuals. The effects of the application will last up to 30 days regardless of weather conditions. We guarantee it! If new plants come up or are added to your landscape, please give us a call and we will come out to re-treat at no charge.

Our deer control program can mean the life or death to your plants. Due to the increased population of deer, people are seeing more and more damage to their landscape which is permanent and costly. Deer develop predictable travel patterns, and prior damage is often a good indicator of potential future problems. By knowing their habits and what they like to feed on at different times of the year, we can help prevent future damages.

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