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From Old Town to our multitude of beautiful parks to explore, who has time to worry about pests in their home? The pest control exterminators at B.O.G. Pest Control are committed to keeping pests outside your home, where they belong!

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Family-Safe Solutions

Your family and pets are our top priority. We use family-friendly products that pass our strict internal safety measures.

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Award-Winning Services

We're an award-winning pest control company! We're backed by Angie's List, the BBB, and great customer reviews.

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Family-Owned Company

We're family-owned and have been providing quality pest control in Maryland & Virginia for over 30 years.

B.O.G. Pest Control

Main Office - Edgewater

645 Central Ave E #200
Mon-Fri: 7:30am-6:00pm Sat 8:00am-1:00pm Closed ond Sunday

Pest Control Alexandria

We believe in a job well done, and our friendly, highly trained team of pest control exterminators rise to that challenge every day. Our exterminators in Alexandria are experienced in getting rid of pests such as ants, roaches, spiders, fleas, ticks, and other pests from your home. Our pest control in Alexandria is tailored to quickly solve even your most stubborn pest problem for good!

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Locally Owned Pest Control Company

Our goal, as a locally-owned and operated pest control company, is to give our customers the highest quality pest control services possible. For 3 decades, our exterminators in Alexandria have been helping homeowners just like you to solve even the toughest of pest problems. Contact us to learn more about how our pest control can restore the comfort of your home.

Stop A Pest Infestation Before It Starts

Pests are an inconvenience but did you know they can also introduce bacteria and disease into your home. This can disrupt your feeling of comfort and security in your home. Our pest control services are designed to protect your family from infestations by eliminating existing pests and proactively taking steps to prevent future ones. Our pest control in Alexandria includes: 

  • A thorough, free initial inspection completed by one of our pest exterminators
  • Crack and crevice pest treatment to deter pests in hard-to-reach places
  • Detailed exterior service to block pests from entering your home
  • Thorough interior treatment to stop existing pest problems in their tracks

Our treatment plans are tailored to your exact needs, whether you're already facing a pest infestation, trying to identify risk factors in your home, or looking for an eco-friendly approach to pest control. Our certified exterminators in Alexandria rely on integrated pest management techniques to customize a program that is best suited to your exact needs. No matter how big or small your pest infestation is, B.O.G. Pest Control has a solution for you.

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Termite Control in Alexandria

Are you doing enough to safeguard your greatest investment from termite damage? Each year, termite infestations cause billions of dollars in damage to homes across the United States. The signs of termite activity can be notoriously difficult to spot, meaning a colony of thousands of termites could be ravaging the wooden structures inside your home undetected. Our exterminators in Alexandria are trained to spot signs of termite activity that you might not see.

Customized Termite Control Plans

Our team of exterminators will design a custom termite control plan specific to your home, addressing areas with existing termite damage, areas that are at risk of future termite infestations, and implementing preventative measures to keep your home protected for years to come. Our highly effective termite control in Alexandria is scientifically proven to eliminate your problem at the source, destroying the entire colony before it can cause more destruction to your home. 

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Rodent Control in Alexandria

Hearing scratching in your walls, noticing gnaw marks on furniture, and spotting scattered droppings are all telltale signs of a dreaded rodent infestation. While an infestation may be unsettling and stressful, it’s not permanent. Our rodent control here in Alexandria uses organic, eco-friendly products that will safely and effectively eliminate all rodents, giving you back your home in no time.

When you choose our rodent control in Alexandria, our mice exterminators will work quickly and carefully to get rid of rodents and the threats they pose. You can trust B.O.G. Pest Control to keep you and your loved ones safe from rodents for the long haul.

Eco-Friendly Rodent Control Solutions 

We know that every homeowner's needs are different, which is why we offer a variety of packages to let you choose the best fit for your rodent control needs. Our options include:

  • Reactive treatments: If you currently have rats or mice in your home, we’ll start with an inspection to identify where they’re hiding. Then, our mice exterminators will treat them until they’re completely gone.
  • Preventative measures: Our mice exterminators will get your house in tip-top shape to prevent rodents from ever getting inside.
  • Green Solutions: We offer rodent control treatments with products made from a blend of botanical oils that are both eco-friendly and extremely effective.
  • True Organic: Safe for children and pets, our True Organic products are all-natural and worry-free.


Trust Our Highly Rated Pest Control Company

At B.O.G. Pest Control, we pride ourselves on our reputation as the best pest control company in Maryland and Northern Virginia. We're one of the top-rated pest control companies in the area for a reason. 

It's not just our effective results that make our customers happy – it's our commitment to exceptional customer service. Our highly trained exterminators in Alexandria work year-round to eliminate pest infestations and implement long-term pest control solutions, protecting homes and families just like yours from ants, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and other pests. In the unlikely event that you see pests in your home in-between services, we provide free re-treatments. Just give us a call, and we promise to visit your home to take care of the problem! 

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We know that choosing a pest control service is an important decision. Let us make it easy for you to get started with us with these exclusive special offers!

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