Looking for Professional Pest Control in Arnold?

Pests can be a big hassle in Arnold, MD if you don't have a system in place to prevent them. With temperatures on the rise, you can expect to see even more pests around your home if you don't have the help of a professional pest control company. We've been serving homes in Arnold for over 20 years and can help you have a pest-free summer!

Pest Control Arnold

Throughout the community we have dealt with the issues of the breeding areas for mosquitoes by eliminating as much standing water as we can. With the summer storm season upon us we can expect even more mosquitoes: plus the time from the laying of the eggs to the adult biting stage is almost reduced by one-half from21 days to 10-14 days. The mosquitoes promise to get worse. If that isn’t bad enough the ants (carpenter, brown and black) have been swarming since late may . When you seen ants in the house, rest assured, that there thousands of ants that you do not see. Contact us, particularly if you are not sure if you have ants or termites. Both pests are numerous and both ants and termites are very serious. We do offer solutions to pests of all varieties. Solutions are our specialty.

Our pest control services in Arnold, Maryland include:

  •         Ant Control
  •         Termite Control
  •         Mosquito Control
  •         Stinkbug Control
  •         Bed Bug Control
  •         Mole/Vole Control
  •         Stinging Insect Control (Bees, Wasps etc)
  •         Flea/Tick Control
  •         Deer Control and more!

If you live in Arnold, Maryland and have a pest problem, be sure to check out one of our Pest Protection Programs, request a FREE Estimate or call us at 410-867-1002.