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Bethesda is a wonderful city to live in and a great place to raise a family. Between exploring the Capital Crescent Trail, shopping on Bethesda Row, and enjoying live music and theater performances, there are far too many fun things to do on the weekends for you to be stuck at home, worrying about a pest control problem. 

At B.O.G. Pest Control, our goal is to keep bugs where they belong - far away from your home! We offer pest control services in Bethesda to treat your pest problem and prevent future invasions. We also offer termite treatment, mole and vole controlmosquito control and more - so your family and your home are protected, no matter what! 

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Pest Control in Bethesda, MD

Most homeowners are accustomed to a type of pest control that focuses on regularly scheduled applications, that may or may not rid your home effectively of pests. Although this can work for some homes, it’s usually a method that takes care of the problem only temporarily. At B.O.G. Pest Control, we focus on keeping your family, home, and yard protected while effectively ridding your property of pests in Bethesda!

Family and Pet-Friendly Pest Control Service

We’ve built our pest control solutions in Bethesda, MD around Integrated Pest Management - a pest control model that is wholly focused on effective extermination with as little risk as possible. Instead of blanket applications that don’t address the source of the problem, we focus on identifying any sanitation, storage, or structural issues that may be encouraging pests to enter your home.

Old cardboard boxes in your garage? Leaving food uncovered? Identifying these types of issues can be a big step towards a pest-free home. We then treat your home with some of the safest products on the market to keep pests from coming back.

Effective Extermination for Your Home

We know that a deep understanding of the pest issues at hand can be incredibly helpful for elimination and prevention. That’s why the first step in our Bethesda pest control service is a complete consultation and initial treatment. We go in-depth about the pests you’re facing, your concerns, and what kind of pest control you would like to have. As a locally-owned business, we put our family name on the line every time we work with a new client. 

In addition to our one-on-one consultations, we also take the time to inspect your home thoroughly before any pest control is applied. We look for more than just the bugs! 

Our Bethesda pest control technicians identify:

  • Biological or structural factors that may be encouraging pest entry
  • Signs of pest activity, both inside and outside of your home 
  • Possible at-risk entry points, whether active or potential 
  • Areas that encourage feeding or breeding in your yard 

We understand that when you’re looking for pest service in Bethesda, you want a company that does its job right. As a company that’s been providing homeowners with effective extermination for over twenty-five years, we know we can meet your pest control needs.

Not all pest control companies care about their customers as much as we do. In the rare event that you see pests in your home after treatment, we’re here to help. No matter which of our pest control plans you choose from, we’ll return in between your regularly scheduled visits to treat the problem free of charge!

Have peace of mind in your home again; explore our Bethesda pest control packages to find the right service for your home!

Stop Stressing About Termites

As a family-owned business, we know that your home is your biggest investment. You want to protect that investment for as long as you can. If termites are threatening that safety of your home, you want to work with someone who won't just get rid of the current problem, but will provide you with long-term protection to keep them from coming back. 

Wondering if your home has an infestation? Termites are small enough that they can get into even the tiniest of entry points. If your home has an infestation, termites may have entered your home through any of these access points:

  • Cracks in expansion joints or your foundation
  • Gaps around your plumbing or electrical service points 
  • Any untreated wood making up your patio, porch or outside area

Our technicians understand how tricky termites can be, so they make sure to investigate your home properly. Concerned with both the interior and exterior of your home, we know a thorough understanding is vital to tackling your infestation! We provide termite control methods in Bethesda that can handle any level of infestation. Whether your home needs treatments directly applied to the wood inside, an exterior treatment or a baiting system, we’ve got you covered!

Once you’ve invested in a termite control service, we understand that you want to make sure it’s going to work long-term. That’s why our Bethesda termite control also comes with a one-year warranty. If you find evidence of termites in your home or suspect further damage, we’ll return to your home when you need it most!

If you think you may have an infestation, don’t wait! Termites move quicker than you think. Get a free estimate today. 

Defend Your Yard Against Mole & Vole Damage

As a family-owned business with over 25 years of experience, we’ve built our reputation on providing affordable and reliable solutions. Vole and mole control in Bethesda doesn’t have to be expensive, but it is necessary if you want to have a healthy lawn. During our first vole and mole control treatment we start with a thorough inspection of your property, followed by a discussion of your options and solutions. Our services for these pesky rodents include: 

  • Effective baits: Moles eat grubs and earthworms, so we use baits designed like these bugs to attract moles. For voles, we utilize weather-resistant bait to control and eliminate their activity.
  • Traps: In the case of a severe infestation, we traps in addition to bait to quickly control the mole or vole population.
  • Repellents: Our repellents are all-natural, and will chase these rodents right off of your property.

Our vole and mole control services in Bethesday only utilize EPA-certified, organic-based products. We test every formula we use with the safety of your family in mind, so your children and pets can still enjoy your yard while we eliminate these critters from your property. 

We guarantee that

  • All of our mole baits and traps are placed underground, away from children and pets
  • All of our vole bait stations are securely locked and anchored to the ground so they can’t be tampered with or compromised

Part of our commitment to quality customer service includes treating customers like family. In order to help you take back your yard from these rodents, we offer unlimited free service calls in between visits so we’re absolutely certain that you’re satisfied with our mole and vole extermination services. 

Are you ready to stop moles and voles from destroying your lawn? Request a free quote today!

A Family-Owned Business You Can Trust

When you're battling a pest problem in Bethesda, you're looking for company that's not only going to be effective and reliable – but also one that you know you can trust inside your home and around your family. 

B.O.G. Pest Control is a small, family-owned business. We only work with the most talented and highly trained exterminators. We're also one of the highest rated pest control service providers in Maryland. 

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