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Columbia, MD is one of the best places to live, ranked at the top for job growth, economic opportunity, schools, and overall quality of life! 

At B.O.G. Pest Control, our focus is on improving and maintaining quality of life as well, by keeping your home protected against roaches, mosquitoes, and any other pests that you don't want to find in and around your home. 

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Pest Control in Columbia, MD

Insects like cockroaches aren’t the only pests that can carry diseases; common household flies can also carry cholera or even typhoid. Sounds pretty serious, right? We know you want to keep pests like these out of your homes because of the health risks they can cause.

Our Columbia, MD pest control services will provide you and your loved ones with protection from these bugs and the diseases they may carry. Get quick, reliable extermination for current pests and prevent new ones from entering your home with our help!

High-Quality Pest Control from Start to Finish

At B.O.G. Pest Control, we offer a variety of pest control programs to fit your needs. Whether you already have an infestation or you’re looking to defend your home from future pests, we’ve got the right plan for you. If you’re dealing with ants, cockroaches, spiders or other pests inside your home, you’ve come to the right place! We treat your home like it’s our own, working to resolve even your toughest pest problems quickly and safely. 

But we also do more than just address pest problems you can see. We take a pro-active approach to protecting your home by using Integrated Pest Management techniques to prevent any future problems.

Our certified pest exterminators in Columbia work hard to ensure your home is treated thoroughly. We know pests are not something you want to worry about, so we use some of the best products on the market while employing effective techniques to maks sure you are satisfied. We also take extra care to make sure the safety of your family and pets are our #1 priority!

  • Training and education seminars held weekly to reinforce safety precautions and measures 
  • Use an integrated pest management system for all of our clients, which focuses on causing the least amount of harm or risk to the property, people, and the surrounding environment 
  • Usage of the most effective low-risk products available that have passed both EPA inspection and our high internal quality and safety standards

Not all Columbia pest control companies care about their customers as much as we do. In the event you ever see pests in your home after treatment, we’re here to help. No matter which of our pest control plans you choose from, we’ll return in between your regularly scheduled visits to treat the problem free of charge!

Keep Your Home Protected From Termites 

As a homeowner, you need a Columbia termite control service that you can trust to take care of your home properly. We don’t take this responsibility lightly! We focus on correct use of equipment and application, as well as live demonstrations by our more experienced technicians. We believe this commitment to education and protection is what sets us apart from other termite control services in the area!

Over the years, we’ve developed a number of termite control techniques to fit any size infestation. Perhaps you’re looking for a proactive measure to counter any possible infestations, or maybe you’ve found swarming termites in your home! 

Depending on your needs, we may use any combination of the following treatments for your home: 

  • Ground applications applied near the foundation of your home to prevent or proactively stop termites from entering.
  • Termite treatments for areas inside your home where damage has already been caused. 
  • Bait stations installed around the exterior of your home as a more environmentally sensitive approach.

Many of our customers are interested in more than just quick elimination; they are also looking for a long-term guarantee they can place their trust in. We are more than happy to include a one-year termite guarantee with our service plans. If you find evidence of termites in your home after our treatments, we’ll happily return to re-treat your home!

Think your home may be suffering from termites? Learn more about our termite control treatments in Columbia, MD and explore which package fits your needs!

Put a Stop to Biting Mosquitoes 

Mosquitoes may love the warm weather months in Maryland just as much as you do, but that doesn't mean you have to share your yard. Say goodbye to these annoying insects for good with our mosquito control treatments so you can have fun outdoors in peace. Here at B.O.G. Pest Control, we know the key to getting rid of mosquitoes for the long­-term is a dual approach. First we eradicate the adult mosquitoes that bite­­--then we destroy their larvae to stop new mosquitoes from hatching.

At B.O.G. Pest Control, we have mosquito control down to a science. Our expert exterminators in Columbia, MD begin with an initial inspection to identify areas of standing water that serve as mosquito breeding areas like:

  • kiddie pools
  • clogged gutters
  • bird baths
  • water features

We follow this up with seven monthly treatments, targeting these threats along with your lawn from April through October. Best of all, our technicians in Columbia, MD always use EPA­-certified products for your peace of mind.

Ready to put an end to annoying mosquitoes? Learn more about our mosquito control services today!

Don't Let Moles Tunnel Through Your Yard

Moles and voles can create a whole lot of destruction in a small amount of time! That’s why our treatments for mole control and vole control in Columbia, MD are designed to get rid of your infestation quickly and efficiently. Responsible mole and vole extermination means creating a threat to these rodents and eliminating them in an environmentally-responsible manner. 

During our first visit we thoroughly inspection of your lawn, which allows us to determine exactly what type of treatment will best suit your needs. From there, we will discuss with you the options we offer for mole and vole extermination that will best suit your individual needs. Our services for these rodents are the most advanced and complete in the industry. Our mole and vole control services in Columbia include:

  • Repellents: Our repellents are all-natural, and will deter the critters from your yard.
  • Targeted bait: Moles eat grubs and earthworms, so we use targeted baits designed like these bugs to attract moles. For voles, we use bait stations to control and eliminate their activity.
  • Traps: If the infestation is severe, we will use traps to control the population to eliminate the problem in your yard effectively.

We only use the best pest control products that are certified by the EPA and are all natural, which ensures that while we work on your lawn your children and pets will still be able to enjoy your yard. Beyond these initial safety measures, we also:

  • Securely lock and anchor bait stations for voles to the ground so they can’t be opened or meddled with
  • Place all mole baits and traps underground, so they don’t interfere with children or pets

Ready to take your yard back from moles and voles? Get help from the trusted exterminators in Columbia, MD today! 

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Finding the right pest control for your home can be tricky. With so many exterminators available, how could you possibly choose? Sure, you want a company that’s going to be effective and reliable, but you are also be looking for a company that you can trust when they enter your home. We’re a small, family-owned business, and we handpick all of our exterminators. We go the extra mile when selecting our employees so you always feel comfortable when we service your home. We are also one of the highest rated pest control companies in Maryland. So, don't just take our word for it - read our reviews!

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