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Family-Safe Solutions

Your family and pets are our top priority. We use family-friendly products that pass our strict internal safety measures.

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Award-Winning Services

We're an award-winning pest control company! We're backed by Angie's List, the BBB, and great customer reviews.

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Family-Owned Company

We're family-owned and have been providing quality pest control in Maryland & Virginia for over 30 years.

Pest Control in Edgewater

Here at B.O.G. Pest Control, we are committed to putting pests back outside where they belong and putting your mind at ease so you can focus on more important things. With pest control service in Edgewater, we can quickly and efficiently solve even your most stubborn pest problems! We have more than 25 years of experience in the pest control industry, so you can always trust that our team knows exactly what it takes to tackle a pest problem of any size.

When it comes to pests in and around your home, nothing is more important than making sure your family feels safe and comfortable. With B.O.G. Pest Control, can relax knowing you’re in good hands. Our team of highly trained, highly professional pest control exterminators in Edgewater have some of the best customer reviews in the industry. Learn more about B.O.G. Pest Control and how our team service options can give you back control of your home below.

Edgewater's Best Local Exterminators

It's bad enough when you discover pests inside your home – it's much worse when you realize that one pest has become a much bigger problem. One run-in with a pest can be a warning sign of a full-blown infestation, so it's important to act fast. Our pest control exterminators in Edgewater are certified in diagnosing and treating all of your pest problems, from termites, mosquitos, fleas, ants, and other pests. 

We don't believe there is one answer for every infestation, so we tailor our services to fit the exact extent of your pest problem. No matter how severe your infestation, our team is equipped to handle it quickly and efficiently. What's more – we put preventative measures in place to ensure that your home stays pest-free for the long term. 

At B.O.G. Pest Control, we've honed our techniques to be tough on common household pests but gentle for your family, pets, and the environment. Our formulas are some of the most eco-friendly products available on the market, and our experienced technicians apply highly concentrated formulas in spaces where curious children and pets cannot reach. 

With pest extermination services in Edgewater, you'll benefit from:

  • Comprehensive exterior treatment
  • Thorough interior service
  • Free, thorough initial inspection
  • Crack and crevice treatment

Don't let pests keep control of your home, contact us today and get rid of pests for good!

*Prices may vary based on visual inspection and severity of the problem.

Save Up To $200 On Pest Control in Edgewater

Mosquito Control in Edgewater

For so many, summer in Edgewater means getting outside and enjoying the sunshine – so it can be a pain to head outdoors and find that swarms of bothersome mosquitoes have taken over your yard! Our Mosquito Protection Program in Edgewater provides you with thorough, effective protection against these pesky pests and the harmful diseases they can carry. We apply mosquito control formulas efficiently, stopping itchy bites before they begin by eliminating adult mosquito populations and preventing future appearances by disrupting breeding cycles.

Our skilled mosquito experts in Edgewater will ensure that mosquitoes will steer clear of your yard all year-long with the following:

  • Initial inspection of your backyard to pinpoint potential breeding areas like clogged gutters, bird baths, and water features
  • EPA-certified treatments to get rid of preferred breeding settings
  • Monthly treatments from April to October that target your lawn and other high-risk spots

Call us today to get your free mosquito inspection, so you can take back your summer!

$24.99 For Your First Mosquito Application

Termite Control in Edgewater

Termites are one of the most destructive pests, causing thousands of dollars of damage to homes every year. Not only can they be a major inconvenience for homeowners in Edgewater – they can also cost you a pretty penny. Get in front of your infestation before it gets worse with termite control services from B.O.G. Pest Control. 

You could be living with termites and not even know it. Oftentimes homeowners don’t realize they have a problem until the damage is done. Our thorough termite inspections in Edgewater are conducted by highly trained technicians, specially trained to detect the subtle signs of termite activity before significant damage can take place! Our techs look for entry points such as:

  • Gaps around electrical service
  • Gaps around plumbing
  • Cracks in joints
  • Cracks in the foundations of your home

After your free initial inspection, if we find any remnants of termites we will promptly service your home to eliminate termites and also prevent them from returning. Our treatments utilize Termidor products, America’s #1 termite defense treatment. On top of treatment and prevention, we also provide ongoing termite monitoring services in Edgewater. This service requires installation and frequent checks to detect signs of activity. This helps us recognize termites as soon as possible in order to help protect your home from costly damage.

Save $100 On An Advanced Termite Protection Plan

Ant Control in Edgewater

Ants are drawn to food and moisture, so it’s common to find a tiny trail of these hungry invaders marching along in your kitchen or bathroom. Unfortunately, this makes getting rid of ants even trickier, especially when a lot of DIY treatments require putting chemicals on the same kitchen counters where you prepare your food. If you are in search of a permanent solution to your ant infestation, B.O.G. is here to help! Our ant control services in Edgewater are designed to be long-lasting and eco-friendly, giving you permanent relief from ants – guaranteed! 

Get Rid of Ants With Scientifically-Proven Treatments

With over 30 years of experience providing quality ant control in Edgewater, our expert exterminators know exactly what it takes to get rid of ants in your home for good. Our scientifically-proven treatments are designed to stop your ant infestation in its tracks, eliminating the colony to prevent future infestations from occurring. Even better? Our results are backed by our satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure that this infestation is your last! Our ant exterminators in Edgewater provide:

  • A free home inspection to help us identify the source and extent of your ant infestation.
  • A custom ant removal treatment plan, including use of EPA-approved products that are family and eco-friendly.
  • An ant-free home, guaranteed!


B.O.G. Pest Control Gives You Peace of Mind

At B.O.G. Pest Control, we know that there is more to being the top pest control company in Maryland than just getting rid of bugs! 

Not only is our highly trained team of experts adept at detecting and putting a stop to even your most stubborn pest problems, but they also strive to provide the highest quality of customer service possible with every single interaction. To ensure that we're giving you the best service possible, we're committed to only hiring the best and the brightest. You can trust that every customer service team member and technician you work with will be knowledgeable and kind. 

We also offer a comprehensive service guarantee. If for whatever reason, you aren’t satisfied with your service, we will provide re-treatment for free.

Ready to put pests in your past? 

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We know that choosing a pest control service is an important decision. Let us make it easy for you to get started with us with these exclusive special offers!

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