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Family-Owned Company

We're family-owned and have been providing quality pest control in Maryland & Virginia for over 30 years.

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Family-Safe Solutions

Your family and pets are our top priority. We use family-friendly products that pass our strict internal safety measures.

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Award-Winning Services

We're an award-winning pest control company! We're backed by Angie's List, the BBB, and great customer reviews.

We can now enjoy our back deck and yard without all the mosquitos, especially after the wet spring!! Thank you, B.O.G. Pest Control! We have the greenest, bug free yard in the neighborhood!


Pest Control in Potomac, MD

You can trust the skilled exterminators at B.O.G. Pest Control to eliminate bugs from your home and keep them out! Our pest control services in Potomac treat your pest problem quickly and efficiently - addressing infestations at the source. Say goodbye to pest problems in your home! 

Your Trusted Potomac Exterminators

As a seasoned pest control company with over 2 decades of local experience, we understand that effective and long-term protection requires consistent care and attention. Whether you're battling roaches, rodents, or termites - or trying to keep ticks and termites away from your home, you can trust the talented exterminators in Potomac to help!

To keep bugs out for good, we focus on a system of recurring treatments and inspections that minimize any associated risks along the way. 

A Pest Control Plan That Fits Your Needs

Perhaps you’ve already begun to find evidence of bugs in your home, or maybe you’re looking for a more preventative approach. We know that no two pest problems are alike and that not all customers need the heavy-duty approach that heavily infested homes warrant.

To provide you with a treatment that meets your needs exactly, we’ve engineered three separate plans:

  • Current Infestations - Get the rigorous extermination treatment that your home may need. Indoor and outdoor treatments applied, all while minimizing any risk for you, your family, and your home! 
  • Proactive Control - Give your home the advantage with proactive exterior and entry point treatments that stop pests before they move in! 
  • Greener Solutions - Effective, non-chemical solutions that use a patented blend of botanical oils. The ultimate pest prevention and elimination for any homeowner who wants to go green!

Banish pests from your home with pest control services in Potomac that you can trust to get the job done. 

Termite Treatments in Potomac

When you're in need of termite control in Potomac, you’re looking for a team you can trust to protect your home and get the job done right the first time. At B.O.G. Pest Control, we don't take that responsibility lightly.

Our superior termite services begin with a home inspection. This first step gives us the knowledge we need to formulate the most effective solution to treat existing infestations and prevent termites in your home. Termite damage isn’t always obvious. These pests can eat away at your home for months or even years before you see any outward signs.

Our technicians know just what they’re looking for when they inspect your home, including:

  • Small, cylindrical mud tunnels on or near the foundation of your home
  • Floors, ceilings, or walls that look like water damage has occurred
  • Small piles of wings near your window sills
  • Walls or wooden parts of your home that sound hollow when tapped 

Family-Safe Treatments

While our job is to quickly and effectively exterminate termites in your home, our top priority is to protect your family. Many of our customers are concerned with the products that we use in their homes, so we only use products that are certified by the EPA. For most types of infestations, we use Termidor, America’s #1 termite defense product.

Don’t wait until it's too late. Explore our termite control packages in Potomac to protect your biggest investment now.

Mosquito Control in Potomac

Your own backyard is a place to kick back and enjoy with your family—it’s no place for mosquitoes. B.O.G. Pest Control offers mosquito control in Potomac that will keep the mosquitoes away long-term. Our mosquito exterminators provide you with the hassle-free solutions you deserve, so you can continue to indulge in your outdoor haven.

EPA-Approved Products for Your Peace of Mind

Our professional mosquito exterminators in Potomac work hard to provide you with affordable, eco-friendly, EPA-certified treatments. We would never want to sacrifice the health and safety of you and your family, so we offer a service that doesn’t disrupt your environment. With 7 treatments a year, our protection plan is sure to get rid of mosquitoes around your property in no time.

Partner with us for mosquito control in Potomac and we will:

  • Select an expert mosquito exterminator to conduct a free inspection of your property.
  • Treat your home using eco-friendly products and methods for safe extermination.
  • Visit your home 7 times, from April to October, to provide you with comprehensive service.
  • Provide you with fast-acting solutions for special events and gatherings.
  • Considerably reduce mosquitoes around your property long-term! 


A Hassle-Free Pest Control Process

You’ve got a lot on your plate. To keep your to-do list short, we’ve designed our pest control services in Potomac to be as hassle-free as possible for our clients. We don’t just work around your schedule; we also do all of the follow-up too. We are more than happy to keep up with scheduling our visits for you and are constantly working towards a hassle-free relationship with our customers!

Don't wait - Find the pest control package option in Potomac to fit your needs.

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