Pest Control in Maryland & Northern Virginia

Whether you’re dealing with an infestation of ants, cockroaches, spiders, or other critters inside your home, you can trust our team of professionals to keep your home protected against bugs and insects, rodents, and more! We treat your home like it’s our own, working to resolve even your toughest pest problems quickly and safely.

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Ant Control

A colony can consist of more than 300,000 ants nesting in trees, underground, or even in your home. Get your customized solution for eliminating these opportunistic feeders.

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Flea & Tick Control

Ticks threaten the health of your family and pets, and fleas can have a big impact on your comfort despite their size. Bite back with Flea and Tick protection.

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Mole & Vole Control

Moles and voles can undermine the structural integrity of your yard and severely damage your grass, trees, and shrubs. Help keep moles and voles away with a program built for you.

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Mosquito Control

Feed your guests – not the mosquitoes! Take advantage of comprehensive mosquito coverage, or protect your guests with special event sprays perfect for graduation or weddings.

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Rodent Control

Rodents can carry diseases such as Salmonella or Rat-Bite Fever and chew through wires, causing electrical fires. Get immediate assistance now.

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Termite Control

Termites cause $5 billion worth of home repairs each year in the US. Get your house inspected for Termites, or protect your property from these destroyers with our Advanced Protection.

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Stinging Insects

Insect stings can be painful and dangerous. Don’t put yourself or your family at risk by trying to remove a nest. Instead, get help from the professionals.

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Personalized Pest Control That Fits Your Needs

We offer a variety of treatment programs to fit your needs. Whether you already have an infestation or you’re looking to defend your home against future ones, we’ve got the right plan for you.

  • Current Infestations: This service comes with an initial inspection and thorough first treatment of the interior and exterior of your home. After the initial treatment, we regularly inspect and service your house to ensure your home stays pest-free.
  • Proactive Treatments: Don’t wait for vermin to appear in your home; be defensive with treatments that protect against their invasion!
  • True Organic: Looking for a green solution? We also offer service plans that use products made from a patented blend of botanical oils. These eco-friendly and natural treatments have proven to be as effective as traditional pesticides. Find out more about our True Organic products and how we use our all-natural treatments for the safety of your children and pets!

All of our products are carefully applied by experienced technicians. We are committed to using effective, quality products in the industry and applying them in the safest manner possible.

Rapid Response from Professional Experts

When you find pests in your home, you want to get rid of them quickly. That's why we offer same-day and next-day services! Unlike some of our competitors, we don't make you purchase individual services or one-time treatments. Costs can add up quickly, and you'll still have problems! You get the best value for the best service when you partner with us. We go beyond just addressing the infestation; we take a proactive approach and root for the source of the issue, preventing unwelcomed critters from returning. Using Integrated Pest Management techniques, we focus on protecting your yard, home, and family while using the industry's most effective treatment methods.

Results You Can Trust

Your satisfaction is important to us. We make sure you receive the treatment and service you and your family deserve. If you ever have a problem between scheduled visits, give us a call! We will return to treat the issue free of charge. In the unlikely event that we can not solve your problem, we'll refund you the cost of the last visit. Want to learn more about how we can help protect your home from pests? Contact us for a free quote or more information.

Clients Love Us - No, Seriously… they do! But don’t take our word for it.

five stars

Highly recommend BOG for mosquito control. I honestly did not believe it would make a difference living in the woods as we do. Unbelievably, we have our yard back and can enjoy being outdoors. I have been a customer of BOG for lawn care for several years. Very satisfied with this company and their customer service. Our tech today, Jasmine Fritch Wooge was very thorough. Thanks- Sally Deleonibus

five stars

A thing of nightmares: finding spiders the size of your hand under your pillow at night. Camel crickets in your laundry room. Hornets coming through the chimney. I begged my fiancé for a solution, so we hired BOG! They came and sprayed - I haven’t seen a single bug inside since they came. I don’t have to look for spiders in my bed before sleeping anymore. Resting easy and peacefully! Thank you soooo much!- Laura Forrester

five stars

We had a situation where carpenter ants literally ate our basement door, I spoke with Jasmine and she had a technician here the next day. We also had a termite problem in my husband's shed, again Jasmine came to our rescue and set things up for treatment. We are very happy with BOG and glad we can count on them to meet our needs!- Dollie Chroniger

Protect Your Home with Pest Control Service Packages

We know that when you find pests in your home, you want to get rid of them—and fast. That's why we offer quick extermination services. But instead of just addressing the infestation, we take a proactive approach! Using Integrated Pest Management techniques we work with you to find the best solutions and prevent critters from getting into your home again.

Pest Protection

Defend your home against common household invaders, including pests like ants, spiders, wasps & rodents. Starting at:


*Initial Fee Applies

Don't Let Pests Bug You
Pest Protection Plus

Experience complete protection from common household pests like ants, spiders, wasps AND termites in your home. Starting at:


*Initial Fee Applies

Say NO To Bugs & Termite Damage
Pest Protection Premiere

Get protection from pests & termites in your home, as well as mosquitoes, fleas & ticks in your yard! Starting at:


*Initial Fee Applies

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