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B.O.G. Pest Control

We offer a wide variety of services in the Maryland and Northern Virginia area, using the best products available for your home or business. We work hard to provide personalized care that is tailored specifically to meet your needs through an inspection of your property. Explore our pest control services to find what suits your needs. 

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Our Pest Control Services

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Pest Control

Looking to get rid of your current pest problem? We have the solution! At B.O.G. Pest Control, pests have no place in your home, but neither do harmful pesticides. We create individualized plans designed to get rid of pests from your property, while also using the safest products available in the industry. 

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Mosquito Control

Tired of pesky pests ruining valuable time you spend in your yard? Don’t let mosquitoes, fleas & ticks come to a party they weren’t invited to- let us manage them for you so your yard and life can be free of pesky outdoor pests. At B.O.G. Pest Control, we provide treatments that protect your yard against pest! 

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Termite Control

Did you know termites cause $5 billion worth of home repair each year in the U.S. alone? If you suspect termites or want to prevent them in the future, we will immediately treat your property to keep your home termite free, guaranteed. Let us protect the foundation of your life and save you time, money!

mole icon in white to signify mole and vole control

Mole & Vole Control

Moles and voles can cause serious damage to your property. It is time to protect your lawn from unwanted guests! At B.O.G. Pest Control, we understand every mole/vole infestation requires a proper, personalized treatment to ensure elimination. Let us give your property a detailed inspection today! 

tick icon in white to signify tick and flea control

Flea & Tick Control

Did you know fleas and ticks can carry deadly diseases? These pests have no place in your life, lawn or bothering your children or pets. Our trained technicians tailor a treatment specific to your property, identifying risk areas for breeding and local harboring sites so you can be worry free and protected all year long!

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Ant Control

The last guest you want to see scurrying around your kitchen is an ant! Let B.O.G. Pest Control completely solve your ant problem so you can spend more time in the kitchen, and less time worrying. We create a custom design to effectively eliminate ants from invading your home. Don't let ants march all over you, check out our comprehensive service today!

bee icon in white signifying stinging insect control

Stinging Insect Control

Insect stings can be painful and dangerous to the safety of your home. Don’t put you or your family at risk by trying to remove nests yourself. Instead, let our highly-trained team safely remove these stingers’ homes from your property for you. We also provide fast, effective pest control treatment to your property to keep wasps, bees, hornets, yellow jackets and more away from your home for good.

Commercial Services

First impressions matter, especially when it comes to your business. Let us create a safe and welcoming place for your business by eliminating unwanted pests for good. Our team works hard to take care of all your pest needs, so you can work hard to focus on your business.

stinkbug icon in white for stink bug control

Stinkbug Control

Stinkbugs hide in curtains, bedding, along windows, in the attic and walls. They gain entry from cracks and crevices found around the exterior of your home. To avoid severe infestation, a thorough inspection of the interior and exterior is recommended. Let us help remove stinkbugs before it gets worse!

white rodent icon to signify rodent control service

Rodent Control

Keeping rodents out of your home doesn't have to be difficult. Here at B.O.G. Pest, we get rid of rodents safely and effectively with proven solutions that eliminate rodents from your home fast.