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Receive 50% Off Your First Mosquito Control Treatment

Your yard is the perfect place for parties, dinner with your family, or a game of fetch with the dog. Don’t let the threat of mosquitoes, fleas & ticks hold you back from enjoying the outdoors! Take back your lawn this season with effective mosquito control in Maryland and Northern Virginia, now with 50% off your first treatment when you purchase a full Mosquito and Tick Package!

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Mosquito Control in Maryland & Northern Virginia

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Nothing is worse than a summer full of mosquito bites for you and your family. Your yard should be enjoyed, not avoided! With B.O.G. Pest Control in your corner, eliminating mosquitoes, fleas & ticks in your lawn is as easy as one, two, three.

1.  Inspect: To ensure your yard stays mosquito-free, we start at the source. Our highly-skilled mosquito exterminators complete a thorough inspection of your property to identify breeding grounds and problem areas in your lawn. These are areas where standing water collects such as: 

  • birdbaths
  • gutters
  • discarded containers
  • water features

2.  Treat: We treat the high-risk areas we identified in our inspection with special products designed to control existing mosquito larvae. We then treat the remainder of your lawn, targeting areas that adult mosquitos, fleas & ticks hide during the day.

3.  Repeat: Our mosquito, flea & tick control program consists of 7 treatments. We visit your home every 21-30 days from April through October 

As a locally owned business, we’re committed to providing you and your property with solutions that work. You can trust that our mosquito exterminators will treat you with the same care and concern that they'd show their own home and family. 

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Special Event Mosquito Treatments

Hosting a special event? Don't let mosquitoes crash the party!

Allow your guests to be fully comfortable at your outdoor event with our fast-acting mosquito solutions. Forget the bug spray at your next outdoor barbecue or block party and enjoy a mosquito-free atmosphere! We’ve been providing specialized mosquito control solutions to yards all over Maryland for years. We know just what to do to make your event special!

EPA Certified Products You Can Trust

The products we use to eliminate favorable breeding conditions for mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks are EPA certified and used only where necessary. We know how important it is to you to keep your family safe. Our highly targeted treatments are applied only where necessary, by experts who take care to keep it out of reach of curious children and pets.

Greener Mosquito Control Alternatives

Looking for a mosquito treatment solution that’s more natural? At B.O.G. Pest Control, we also offer a greener alternative to keep your property free of mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks. These products have been proven to be a natural, yet effective alternative for deterring mosquitoes. Our green solutions contain a patented blend of botanical oils offering the safest method of control for children and pests! Contact us for more information on our green alternatives!

The B.O.G. Difference

Our 5 point Mosquito Protection plan is one of the most comprehensive programs in the industry, and we stand behind it with a free service call guarantee. Our effective mosquito treatments also ensure that your home and family are protected from fleas and ticks.

Our plan is designed to quickly eradicate and repel these existing pest populations while attacking their ability to reproduce, providing short and long-term control.

  • Property inspection with recommendations to reduce harborage areas
  • Application of a granular larvicide to stop Mosquitoes from hatching
  • Specialized liquid treatment that will knock down and repel Mosquitoes and Ticks
  • Application of a liquid Insect Growth Regulator that disrupts their life cycle
  • We add a special sticking agent to make our products last longer

Are you ready to enjoy your yard this summer? Contact us for a free consultation or explore our mosquito control packages for more information!

Enjoy a mosquito-free backyard!

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